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Re: Replicating Debian Systems

Yea, "I think" you can burn them to a CD.
Anyone know this for sure?

> ummmm.... floppy disk? None of these servers have floppy disk drives,
> and I can't really recall seeing a server or workstation (or notebook
> for that matter) that had a floppy disk drive in it over the last year
> or two or three....
> That's what confused me too.... I've seen references to "copy the driver
> or mod to a floppy disk" or "load it from floppy" but that doesn't seem
> really practical.
> Would it work if I put the file on a cd? Has anyone tried loading an
> optional drive or module from cd?
> Ralph Crongeyer wrote:
> > Yes there is a "driver disk", If you add your driver to the disk then
> > during the install (someware) it asks you if you want/need to load 3rd
> > party drivers? At that point insert the driver disk and  answer yes, then
> > it should ask you for the source of the driver and you would select your
> > floppy drive. Then it will give you a list of drivers on the disk and you
> > select the one you want.
> >
> > Ralph
> >
> >>Thanks Ralph! I'm downloading the Beta 4 CDs right now :)
> >>
> >>Can you (or anyone else) perhaps also give me a pointer to how I would
> >>add drivers or kernel mods that weren't included in the distribution
> >>during the installation process?
> >>
> >>I'd like to know in case I need to do it in the future (and just for my
> >>own edification :) ).
> >>
> >>Moe
> >>
> >>Ralph Crongeyer wrote:
> >>>Yup beta 4 does have the e1000 drivers on it. I installed this box with
> >>>beta 3 and it had them also. But 4 also has them.
> >>>
> >>>Ralph
> >>>
> >>>>After trying to get Debian deployed in a client project for over a
> >>>> year, I've been successfuly in having it approved for use on a
> >>>> 6-server project that we're doing.
> >>>>
> >>>>But, I've got a problem that I'd like some direction with.
> >>>>
> >>>>My experience with Debian has basically been that I've had no problem
> >>>>getting the actual distribution up and running -- I simply install from
> >>>>the Sarge ISOs on CD, and then customize what I want or upgrade to Sid
> >>>>in some cases.
> >>>>
> >>>>But in my first attempt at installing on these boxes, using my Beta 2
> >>>>Installer, I got an error message that it didn't have drivers for the
> >>>>E1000 gigabit nics on these servers. (I've never used a gigabit nics
> >>>>before with Debian, only with FC and RH).
> >>>>
> >>>>Here's my question:
> >>>>
> >>>>a) does Beta 4 have the e1000 drivers?
> >>>>
> >>>>b) If not, how do I load the e1000 drivers during the install? Or for
> >>>>that matter, how do I load ANY drivers during install that aren't part
> >>>>of the Sarge or Sid distributions?
> >>>>
> >>>>Thanks for any advice!
> >>>>
> >>>>Moe

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