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Re: Mathematica messing with fonts... or?

onsdagen den 5 maj 2004 18.27 skrev sylvain.vedrenne@free.fr:
> Quoting Johan Renström <johan_renstrom@home.se>:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I have just installed Mathematica on my debian-machine, but the first
> > thing that happens when I run ~$Mathematica from a terminal window is
> > that I get a
> >
> > window entitled "Startup warning". However, I can't see what the warning
> > is about cuse there is no text in the window (thats probably what the
> > warning is
> >
> > about) - just two buttons (probably an ok and a cansle buttons) with no
> > text
> >
> > on them either. This is the same for all dialogues that apears (there is
> > no text in them).
> >
> > In addition I have noted that the menutexts in the Opera web browser
> > seems to
> >
> > disapear after trying to run Mathematica. If I log out an on again things
> > are
> >
> > restored but as soon as I start Mathematica its all messed up again. Most
> > other programs seems ok though.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > I'm running sid with KDE 3.1.5 on a dell PC.
> >
> > regards
> > Johan
> > Ps. Yell if there is some more info I could suply!
> If you can do that, try from GNOME or another Desktop/WM than KDE. GNOME
> uses a different font system apparently. I observed "tiny" or "invisible"
> font problems in the past and it was dependent on the Desktop/WM. I'm far
> from expert in that, but it might help...
> Sylvain.

Thanks for the ide, unfortunately I dont have GNOME installed and as I've 
heared it's a bit mor demanding than KDE so I'm afraid it wouldn't run verry 
well om my PII 450MHz.....

However, things has gotten mor strange. As I have understood it Mathematica 
5.0 uses the two font directories:


Some how it's when these paths are added to the x font path things goes wrong. 
I'm not verry good at shell scripting but as I have understood things the 
Mathematica startup script adds theese paths to the font path using the
xset +fp
command - thats when operas fonts are messed up. A call to the
xset fp default; xset fp rehash
command seems to restore opera again.

In a desperate try I added the two paths to the XF86Config file and logged out 
and on again (I did not do the alt-ctrl-backspace) and run Mathematica and 
suddenly I got a message

Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-*-100-*-*-*-*-*-*" 
to type FontStruct

in the console and a message in mathematica telling me that the Times (I 
think) font were missing and that it would substitute to courier, and then 
the menutexts were ok.

Unforunately when I rebooted (and hence rerun the xserver) things were even 
more messed up and now the text om the loginscreen is missing and Mathematica 
is back where it were....

Humm...... this was a rather long text and im not sure I managed to make any 
sense but I thought I'd give you all the parameters.

The main issue is that it seems like X doesn't like it when the mathematica 
font paths are added!

Any ideas on this?

Hope some one managed it all the way down here!  ;)


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