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Re: jackd/ardour setup problem

On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 01:32:28PM -0400, Chris Metzler wrote:
> On Sun, 09 May 2004 13:20:33 -0400
> "Thomas H. George" <xyz@spininternet.com> wrote:
> >
> > I am using a 2.6.3 kernel with ALSA modules and a PCI EMU10K1 module.  
> > Sound is perfect - that is, a phonograph input to the sblive card and 
> > output from the sblive card to a stereo system works, workbone can play 
> > a CD and wavp can play a wav file.
> > 
> > lsmod reports snd_emu10k1, snd_pcm used by snd_pcm_oss and snd_emu10k1 
> > plus a lot of other snd_ entries.
> In general, it's a good idea to list them all; but in this case, it
> probably won't be necessary.
> > jackd  -v -d alsa runs - i.e. I must stop it with ctl-c - but Ardour 
> > aborts with a message that it cannot connect to jack.  A sample of the 
> > jack output is attached.
> First, let's just deal with this case, the simplest.  When you run jackd,
> what user are you running it as?  And when you run Ardour, what user
> are you running it as?  I got this problem at one point because I was
> running jackd as root (in order to take advantage of realtime scheduling),
> but Ardour as a regular user.  They have to be the same user.

I was aware of this from the jack man page and was careful to start both
as a regular user.
> If that's not the case, put Ardour aside for the moment and try out
> some other jackd clients, like Hydrogen or Rosegarden4.  Do they
> connect with jackd ok?  The patchbay in qjackctl is invaluable for
> checking this stuff.
Following this suggestion I downloaded Hydrogen and played a demo.
Checking preferences, I found Oss was selected.  When I changed this to
Jack there was a error message, "Error starting audio driver."

I have not tried downloading Rosegarden4 as I do not have KDE installed
- I am just using xdm with icewm.

I can't locate qjackctl.  Is this part of Rosegarden4?


> -c
> P.S.  You are *much much* more likely to get help with this on the
> linux-audio-user mailing list than here.  Issues with ardour and
> jackd are the staple of that mailing list.  In contrast, while
> they may have been discussed here before, I've *never* seen them
> discussed here.
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