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Wireless PCMCIA Card No Longer Works--Can't Identify Source of Problem

My SMC 2632W V3 PCMCIA 802.11b card recently stopped working under Debian

Other PCMCIA cards (e.g., modem) work on the same system, activating and
loading the proper modules, so PCMCIA isn't completely broken.

The same card works in another system (also running unstable) so the card
isn't broken.

What's most odd is 'cardctl ident' reports 'no product info available'
and 'cardctl config' reports 'not configured'. 

Nothing appears in dmesg when the card is inserted or ejected.

The card doesn't light up or trigger the 'bell' sound when it is

The module for the card (atmel_cs) is properly defined in
/etc/pcmcia/smc.conf (that file hasn't changed since it stopped working)
and the the module is in the proper location.

I get the same result with 2.6.4 and 2.6.5, yet I'm almost certain the
card was previously working under both kernels.

I didn't see any bug reports on pcmcia-cs that seemed relevant to the

Can anyone offer some ideas about how to go about diagnosing this?  I'm
at a loss because there are no useful log messages.  It's as if the card
just doesn't exist to the system.
Adam Kessel

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