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jackd/ardour setup problem

I am using a 2.6.3 kernel with ALSA modules and a PCI EMU10K1 module. Sound is perfect - that is, a phonograph input to the sblive card and output from the sblive card to a stereo system works, workbone can play a CD and wavp can play a wav file.

lsmod reports snd_emu10k1, snd_pcm used by snd_pcm_oss and snd_emu10k1 plus a lot of other snd_ entries.

jackd -v -d alsa runs - i.e. I must stop it with ctl-c - but Ardour aborts with a message that it cannot connect to jack. A sample of the jack output is attached.

jackd -v -d alsa -d sblive -p512 as suggested in www.djcj.org/LAU/jack aborts with the message Assertion pcm failed. Script of the output attached.

I would apprecicate any help getting jackd/ardour set up properly.

Tom George

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