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Re: Debian stable not booting, freezes

dking@pimpsoft.com wrote:

I am attempting to use debian stable as a production server for a hosting company that is primarily windows based, in a attempt for them to start supporting the open source community and linux itself, but am having allot of problems that are only showing the owner that "windows is in fact the superior operating system, because I would have had this server up days ago" (his words).

For the past few weeks, we have reloaded the server several times since for some strange reason any attempt to upgrade the kernel to a 2.4.x release from the default 2.2.X install kernel couses it to either refuse to boot or if it does boot, freeze up the system.

I think I'd start by booting off a Knoppix CD to make sure the 2.4 kernel can boot this particular machine; maybe lit it run overnight to make sure it doesn't freeze. If that doesn't work, give up on the hardware; (maybe try installing Windows on it to see how well it works with this hardware).

Pull some of the RAM out, or swap video/NICs/controllers, etc, to eliminate the possibility of flakey RAM, etc. (Again, if Knoppix fails, hardware is my first suspicion.)

If Knoppix runs okay, you might try some of the other kernel versions. For example, instead of getting a 686 kernel, you might try the 386 kernel; you won't want to stay with it probably, but it might give you clue or two.

You might also try a 2.6 kernel, if it'll do.

At what point is the box freezing? Any relevant diagnostic info on the screen or in the logs?


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