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Re: Upgrading Debian

On Sat, 08 May 2004 16:49, Silvan wrote:
> On Friday 07 May 2004 11:06 pm, cr wrote:
> > > year or two.  Grabbing new stuff by modem just takes patience.  It
> > > helps if you don't pay for your connectivity by the hour too.
> >
> > Ah.   I do (or rather, I have a fixed number of hours prer month on
> > dial-up).
> Gack.  Well, I suppose your original statement must be reaffirmed in your
> case then.  It definitely eats time.
> > Rather more significantly, I only have one telephone line - so when my
> > computer's on line, phone ain't working.   *And* I can never guarantee
> > the
> In my case, it helps that nobody ever calls except spammers anyway.  The
> phone being busy is no big deal.  In fact, I miss being on the phone all
> the time. Now it rings, and I have to deal with spammers.  :(
> > line won't drop for some reason, so leaving the thing running overnight
> > isn't really a solution.
> I had horrible problems with my line, and I thought they were all the phone
> company's fault.  Turned out that the connections outside in the box were
> corroded.  I cleaned them up and went from 28.8 being typical, with
> frequent drops, to being able to stay connected for hours at 50.66.  It
> made a big difference, and it was a five minute fix.  I was astonished that
> it turned out to be so simple.  (In my case, we had a huge amount of rain,
> and my connection was going to pot on rainy days.  It was fine after a
> couple dry days.  I figured there was water getting into some little green
> box somewhere along the way.)

Wish I could say the same - if it was in my wiring I could do something about 
it.   It's an intermittent that usually lasts several days at a time.    I 
can *hear* the line noise - on the phone.   And it persists even when I 
disconnect all the house wiring and hook my phone / modem direct to the 
incoming line.   

For me, the clincher was when the phone company tech came to check, went out 
to the junction box in the street, disconnected the line from the exchange - 
crackle stopped - and reconnected it - crackle restarted.    And then the 
tech told me it must be something in _my_ equipment.    I suppose that's the 
official line.      :(

> > And it isn't as if I'm the _only_ person living
> > in this house.....    I can contemplate a 5MB download, *very*
> > occasionally, but that's my limit.
> I make the house payments, so anybody else living here can get over it.  :)

You are obviously not married   <g>

> > So, for me, spending a few bucks to get the CD's posted to me is much
> > less hassle and takes much less of my time.
> >
> > Obviously, this depends on individual circumstances.
> Indeed.  For me it was a question of time.  36 hours is a long time, but
> still faster than waiting several days for CDs to arrive in the mail. 
> Cheaper too, for me.

Two different sorts of time.   Your method gets you updated sooner.   Mine 
takes longer but uses very little of my time while waiting.   (And I do shop 
around to get CD's at the best price).


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