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Re: HELP! - My linux server won't boot anymore

On Friday 07 May 2004 01:51, Joost De Cock wrote:
> That's why you have to be in the chroot jail, to make sure your running the
> lilo on your disk, and not the lilo on your knoppix cd.
> If you forgot to run lilo, just use knoppix again, check if all is ok in
> lilo.conf and punch in the 4 magic characters:
> lilo
An ancillary question, if I may:
I've tried this chroot method with knoppix and come up against the problem 
that when chrooted into the future root partition you have no /dev 
filesystem, so lilo fails.  Knoppix has a /dev fs somewhere, presumably in 
its ramdrive, but neither you nor lilo can see it from in the chroot jail. Is 
there a way round this?  


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