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Re: HELP! - My linux server won't boot anymore

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 04:28:54PM +1000, Daniel F Garcia wrote:
> Last night I did an apt-get upgrade apache2 and that upgraded a bunch of
> things including the kernel. Now when I try and boot up I get the error
> message:
> kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(3,2)
> I did a search on google and there werelots of messages suggesting I edit my
> lilo.conf, but how do I do that If I cannot boot up ?
> I have a boot disk that I made from rescue.bin and I also have a disk made
> with root.bin. When I boot up off the floppy and type "rescue
> root=/dev/hda1" I get the same error.
> Is there anyway I can boot off the old kernel ?

1) It has been a while since I used lilo, but I recall it used to set a
symlink to the prior kernel of "linuxOLD".

2) A grub boot floppy would allow you to boot the old kernel.

3) A single floppy disk version of linux like tomsrtbt should allow you
to boot from the floppy and repair your system. You can download
tomsrtbt at http://www.toms.net/rb/. The FAQ has some instructions on
how to run lilo on your hard disk to fix your problem.

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