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Re: [OT Why GB English is different] Re: Mozilla firefox en-gb

On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 12:12:06AM +1200, cr wrote:
> Yes I know exactly which meaning of the word 'affect' you were using.   
> Since your comment was IIRC in response to my post, I wondered if you thought 
> I was American, or were you referring to someone else?

Nope, I'm American, and even though I like flavour and colour and find 
your use of "billion" and "trillion" intriguing because you can count 
higher without having to use words like sexigiliion, still I have to not 
adopt too many British customs because it gets goofy.

For instance, if I were to start using the British billion, it would 
just be dumb.  And if I start talking about pubs and fags, people roll 
their eyes.  I like *a lot* of Britishisms.  One of my favorites is to 
call a carton of cigarettes "Two Hundred" -- although I won't call them 
fags.  "Give me 200, please."

Another real problem for me is I *really* like the Contenintal style of 
writing the dates: dd/mm/yy.  But you can cause *endless* confusion by 
not just going with the flow.  I had a Math prof. once who was also sort 
of my philosopical/Jungian psych. "mentor" tell me that one should just 
use Month Day, Year because in our culture the year is usually well 
known, and it is important to contexualize the Month and Day quickly -- 
but he mostly was telling me why the fuck did I want to go be difficult 

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