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Re: [OT Why GB English is different] Re: Mozilla firefox en-gb

On Wed, 05 May 2004 19:46, William Ballard wrote:
> Would Brits feel that this is how we should count:
> 1,222,333,444,555,666,777,888
>                         ^thou
>                     ^mill
>                 ^thou mill
>             ^bill
>         ^thou bill
>     ^mill bill
> ^trill
> One trillion, two hundred twenty two million billion, three hundred
> thirty three thousand billion, four hundred forty four billion, five
> hundred fifty five thousand million, six hundred sixty six million,
> seven hundred seventy seven thousand, eight hundred eighty eight.
> Have I got the philosophy correct?
> Sorry for the OT-ness, but I find this fascinating.

No, no, a thousand (million?) times no!

One thousand two hundred and twenty-two trillion, three hundred and 
thity-three thousand four hundred and forty-four billion, five hundred and 
fifty-five thousand six hundred and sixty-six million, seven hundred and 
seventy-seven thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight.

A million = 10^6
A billion = 10^12
A trillion = 10^18
And so on

Very regular.


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