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Re: No sound when playing games


On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 13:13, Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
> It may possibly be that another program already has the soundcard open.

I just tried shutting down all other programs, including alsa one time,
but no luck...

> Can you play sound in other applications that directly access the 
> soundcard?  Eg. XMMS with the "OSS driver" output plugin selected?


> If not, it may be that you're using ALSA.  This will keep the soundcard 
> open all the time so that multiple programs can play sound (through 
> ALSA) at the same time.  Try starting xmms by typing "artsdsp xmms" on a 
> command line.

This works.

> If this works, try starting your game in the same way.

This didn't work...

> The "artsdsp" program will emulate direct access to the soundcard.

Maybe the artsdsp program has problems as well?

> I'm not sure how much impact it has on performance; if it's a problem, you 
> could always shut down the ALSA sound server instead.

I have also tried shutting down the ALSA sound server without
luck...this sucks.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help!

Lars Tobias Borsting

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