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Re: No sound when playing games

On Saturday 01 May 2004 12:28, tiresias wrote:
> Hi!
> When I start "Enemy Territory" I get this message:
> ------- sound initialization -------
> /dev/dsp: Input/output error
> Could not mmap /dev/dsp
> ------------------------------------
> What may be the cause of the silent games?
> Regards,
> Lars Tobias Borsting

Hi Lars,

Do you know how the game tries to access the sound card?  That is, what 
library does it use?  If it uses SDL, you might check to see that you've 
got the proper SDL library installed.  There are many options, depending on 
your sound configuration:
libsdl1.2debian-all - Simple DirectMedia Layer (with all available options)
libsdl1.2debian-alsa - Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and ALSA options)
libsdl1.2debian-arts - Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and aRts options)
libsdl1.2debian-esd - Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and esound options)
libsdl1.2debian-oss - Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and OSS options)

If you've got the wrong one, you will have problems.

Sorry if the game doesn't use SDL, but as it's not in the archives, I've no 
way to check.  HTH.

Justin Guerin

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