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Re: No sound when playing games

tiresias wrote:

------- sound initialization -------
/dev/dsp: Input/output error
Could not mmap /dev/dsp

What may be the cause of the silent games?
It may possibly be that another program already has the soundcard open. Can you play sound in other applications that directly access the soundcard? Eg. XMMS with the "OSS driver" output plugin selected?

If not, it may be that you're using ALSA. This will keep the soundcard open all the time so that multiple programs can play sound (through ALSA) at the same time. Try starting xmms by typing "artsdsp xmms" on a command line. If this works, try starting your game in the same way. The "artsdsp" program will emulate direct access to the soundcard. I'm not sure how much impact it has on performance; if it's a problem, you could always shut down the ALSA sound server instead.



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