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mouse suddenly behaving strangely


My mouse just started behaving strangely, although I haven't done anything, to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully somebody will have an idea what to try!

I was using my system (woody) as I have for the past many months when the mouse suddenly froze. It's a Logitech cordless M-RN66, plugged in via the PS/2 port. I hadn't changed anything immediately prior to the freeze, for that matter I haven't changed any system level things for quite a while.

I rebooted into Windows 2000 and the mouse was frozen there too. I switched to another mouse (corded PS/2 Logitech M-CAA43), pushing the connector in and out a few times to clean it. I booted into Windows again and it appeared to work. I rebooted into Debian and now have weird behaviour. The pointer starts in the centre of the screen but as soon as I start moving the mouse around it jumps to the bottom left. If I move the mouse up and right, the pointer tracks up and right for a few inches and then jumps back to the bottom left corner again.

Feels like a hardware problem to me - has anybody seen these symptoms before?

Thanks, Dave

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