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Re: The Traps Of Linux...&open Source Software

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Thus spake users@linuxforums.org:
# The Traps Of Linux...&open Source Software 
# A scandalous book published on-line
# Just look at this...

I looked at this, and it is clear that the author doean't grasp the concept of
Open Source at all.  He makes this especially plain in chapter II when he tells
of his friends' use of PHPNuke to improve a web site for his online newspaper.
He makes the mistaken assumption that since his friends made the site using
Open Source software that neither he nor they own the copyright to the site
itself.  He seems to make this the basis for his whole book, when in fact, the
actual content of the site belongs legally to the creator of that content and it
is only the software that is free for all to use.  He also seems to be making the
point that there can never be commercial apps for Linux because the Linux kernel
is under the GPL license.  Wrong again.  Just look at Oracle, which in the
enterprise is touted as one of the best, if not the best, database system
available.  And Oracle is definitely not the only commercial software out there
for Linux.  The conclusion he probably would have come to, if he had researched
Open Source more thoroughly, is that the operating system is free for all to use,
as are the development tools, and thus greatly reduces the production costs
involved in making commercial software.  My conclusion is that either this author
works for Microsoft, or he is simply terribly missguided, so much so that I
stopped reading somewhere in the middle of chapter II.

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