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How to mount NFS system behind DSL routers

 Hi all, I have the folowing scenario.

    NET A         Router A                      Router B        NET B
192.168.0.x  ->> DSL Router --->>> iNet <<<--- DSL Router <<- 192.168.0.x

 I know, I know, the two networks are overlapped, but that's not a
problem, they do not see each other.

 On Router A I have all port redirected to machineA inside Network A,
and the same on Router B, I'm trying to mount a NFS directory from
machineB into machineA, but I'm getting error messages telling me
"Permission denied", permissions are ok, and on machineB syslog apears
messages as ".... invalid port 12481 ...", I have follow some docs I
have found searching on google that show me how to setup all daemons
to work on knows ports instead of radom ones given by portmaper.
 Any hint or suggestion? mounting a IPSec tunnel is not an option, or
any other tunnel technologie, I have no full control over the
systems, so I can not install new kernels with that functions enabled.

 There is any way to let the NFS server to run under this conditions.

 Best regards
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