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Webmin install problem might be openssl or hostname


I have posted this problem to the debian user list because I
suspect that
this is a system rather than a webmin problem.

Currently I am trying to install Debian (Testing) on a
Compaq Professional
Workstation 5000 (P-Pro SMP) the goal being to set it up as
a headless print
server for a home network.

In order to remotely administer this server I have been
trying to install
webmin (via aptitude) but unfortunately I have been getting
the following
error message:

Setting up webmin (1.130-1) ...
miniserv.pem: No such file or directory
hostname: Unknown host

I understand that openssl generates the 'miniserv.pem' and
as far as I can
tell it is installed and working fine. Also when I run the
hostname command
I get:


which is the hostname I gave the computer during initial

It would be great if some knowledgeable person please point
out the
blindingly obvious error I am making here.

Any useful pointers gratefully received.


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