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Re: debian and women? from DWN #10

On 2004-03-25, Joost De Cock penned:
> ...
>> Any guys have opinions?
> When I think about you, it goes a bit like this:
> 1. Regular poster, knows what she's talking about.
> 2. Hmm, Monique, that's my mothers name and not very English sounding. 

Well, I'm not English, I'm American! *grin*
My mom is actually German, and my father is USian by way of Germany
several generations ago.  I'm not sure why I received two French names
at birth, but I rather like them.

> 3. She's a girl. Kewl (because that's rare).
> The fact that you are female adds a fine layer of respect, just
> because it's a rare thing, not in a 'Ooh, she's a woman and she still
> manages to be a knowledgeable geek'. That sounds as if, as a woman, it
> would be nearly impossible to be a knowledgeable geek, and that is
> plain bollocks.  However, I have much respect for you because of what
> you contribute to this list. Your gender doesn't really have any
> impact on that.

And I hope that, if I act like a moron on the list, my gender won't have
an impact on your response, either =)

> One of the great things about FLOSS is that you get by on what you do, not 
> what you look like, the way you dress, the music you like, whatever. I find 
> that to be an area where FLOSS really sets an example.

I'd like to think so.

> As for the 'going out of their way' part. You may post often, but I don't see 
> a lot of questions, only (possible) answers. So that makes me think twice 
> about trying to help you, in a 'if she can't fix it...' sort of way.

I only post in response to a question when I *really* (think I) know the
subject material.  So for every post I answer, there are about 50 I
didn't dare to touch, if not more.   =)  But thank you for the vote of


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