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IMAP server to fit this bill?

Currently I am running uw-imapd. I believe it is the version from Woody even though most of my system is riding unstable. While it works well enough I am not pleased with the capabilities it presents. I'm looking for a replacement which can do the following:

a: Operate well with Squirrelmail, Exim and Thunderbird.
b: Offer shared folders to users.
c: Use mbox.

Newer versions of uw-imapd seem to break Squirrelmail. Every time I upgrade it breaks. Every time I set it back to a good version it does not.

I'm loking for shared folders so I can offer global spam/ham folders for my users. I know this is generally a nono but in this instance I am willing to run with it given two facts. The first is that spam scanning happens at SMTP. Per user bayes filters do not apply at that time, it has to be global. Second my user base is minute. I have maybe 6 active mail accounts spread across 3 people. As such a global bayes DB isn't really going to degreade resolution enough for me to worry about it. However presently my users have no way to submit their own messages for training. Shared folders seems to be the way to go.

Finally mbox is a requirement because my Squirrelmail isers, as well as myself on Thunderbird, have months of archived mail in mbox format. :/

I've done some general poking around apt-cache and Google but haven't found anything that fits the bill completely. I am aksing here to see if anyone's been in this situation and knows of a resultion that I might be missing. :)

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