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Re: gnus losing mail?

Kai Grossjohann <kgrossjo@eu.uu.net> writes:

> Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> writes:
>> Alright, I got it sorted out.  I'm now using the nnml backend.  Here's
>> what fixed mail for me...
> I don't think it's necessary to switch to nnml.  Everything should
> work with nnfolder, too.

Actually, all the docs I have seen have lead me to believe that nnml
is the easiest to deal with, and so far that seems to be the case.

>> First, had to tell procmail to spew at another directory.  Then,
>> flattened my mail tree to put all the mboxes in the same directory.
> By flattening, do you mean the ~/procmail directory?  I explicitly
> mentioned this in my previous message...

Doh!  I'm sorry I missed that...

> Really?  It should work with nnfolder, too.

It probably does, but now I've got nnml going and I'm not inclined to
change it now that it's working properly.

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