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Re: Next stable release: 13 CD's

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 20:33, John Hasler wrote: 
> monique writes:
> > That sounds like a problem of inaccurate reporting.
> The usual kind.
> > It's simply not true that it requires 13 CDs.
> "The complete distribution occupies 13 CDs" will be turned into "Debian
> requires 13 CDs".  After all, people will want to do a "full install".
> What other distribution occupies X CDs but requires fewer than X to
> install?

So what is the alternative then? Should we skip packages just to keep
the number of CDs down?

When a user sees that there are 13 CDs to download, my guess is that he
will look for some information telling him which CDs are required and
which are not, instead of just starting to download 13 full CDs.

BTW, AFAIK there is no "full install" today either?


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