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Re: Opinions on some Debian books?

Incoming from Adam Funk:
> Aaron Van Couwenberghe: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed, Sams, 1999.

Unless this one's been updated recently, I'd advise against it.
It's way out of date, and what's there is better covered elsewhere.
Except if you're a raw newbie and buying a second-hand copy, I'd try
something else first.

Book buying is turning into quite an art these days.  When I read
"Practical Unix & Internet Security - 2nd Ed." by Garfinkel &
Spafford, I loved it; a rollicking good read cover to cover.

Recently, a friend picked up the latest updated version and was mostly
disappointed.  She said it generally consisted of text from the
earlier version, backed up with (eg.), "Reports suggest this is no
longer true in modern Unix."  Bleah.

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