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Re: Lost isa card with Kernel 2.6

Robert Rati <r.rati@comcast.net> writes:
> CONFIG_ISAPNP is enabled in the Debian kernel, so is there a way to tell
> if the kernel found any isapnp cards?  I've looked all through /proc,
> including /proc/bus/pnp, but I haven't been able to see anything.  The
> old /proc/pci doesn't exist and I can't seem to find it's replacement

(Sorry, I'm coming into this thread late; I hope this isn't totally

I'm not sure exactly what from the old /proc/pci is missing, but in
addition to /proc/bus/pci, did you also see /sys/bus/pci?

lspci also works fine using /proc/bus/pci.

good times,

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