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Re: Lost isa card with Kernel 2.6

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 13:22, Pigeon wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 04:00:57PM -0600, Robert Rati wrote:
> > I just installed the Debian 2.6.3 kernel for i686 machines and my ISA
> > PNP card.  I have an old ISA Plug and Play modem that I had working in
> > kernel 2.4, but can't get 2.6 to recognize.  With the 2.4 kernel, I was
> > able to disable PNP OS in my Award BIOS, and the 2.4 Linux kernel found
> > the card as just another serial port.  The 2.6 kernel doesn't appear to
> > do this.  I tried enabling PNP OS in my BIOS, but that didn't appear to
> > help anything.  The pnp.txt file with the kernel source wasn't much
> > help.  Do I have to install the isapnptools package and configure that
> > like I used to have to?  Any help would be appreciated.
> ISA plug and play is an "experimental" option in 2.6. I don't know if
> the Debian kernels set it. Check the kernel config file; is
> CONFIG_ISAPNP set? If not, you'll have to build your own kernel.
> Or, are your ordinary serial ports recognised? If not, try "modprobe
> serial_core".

My serial ports are recognized correctly, it's just the modem that's
not.  Is there a way to check the configuration of the kernel that is
running (ie something in /proc), or are you saying install the kernel
source and apply the debian patches?  If the debian kernels do not have
isapnp compiled as an option will the isapnp tools still work?  I assume
they would.

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