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OT: EV1 caves to SCO

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard about this


I must say that I didn't think I could have a lower opinion of the owner
of EV1, but I have been proven wrong.  I used to work for EV1, as a
matter of fact one of the early employees, when they were just starting
out.  My employee number was 13.  When I was there, I setup all the
original game servers under Debian.  I ran a bnetd server among others. 
As a matter of fact before I left I had been developing a new web-based
email system to replace the one that they were using.  I think the only
reason it never came out was because the head Sys Admin was a windows
guy and didn't want the main system running something he didn't like.

A number of us quit early on, because we felt that we were not getting
properly compensated for the ammount of work we were putting into the
company.  My paychecks were normally for 80 hrs. a week. 

But, as much of a low opinion I have about the owner, I think this is an
all new low.  Even though it is probably just a business move on his
part, I wonder how many people will quit their service with them because
of the move.  I for one wish I still had an account there, so I could
call up and cancel it.

I know this is Off Topic...But I needed to vent a little.


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