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Re: tool to monitor a hardware raid

hi ya angel

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Angel L. Mateo [ISO-8859-1] Martínez wrote:

> 	I have installed woody in an IBM xSeries 335 server with a RAID
> controller. I have two disks configured as a mirror. Now I'm looking for
> a tool to monitor the mirror status (not the BIOS utility that the
> server has) from a command line interface. Another (not indispensable)
> feature would be to monitor it with SNMP.

you are stuck with whateveer tools the hw raid vendor gives you

if you use software raid, your choices are infinite of how to
monitor a software raid and what you want to do with the raid
setup once it notices error conditions

at this point, your only option is the roll of the dice ..
that you'd notice missing files or the system tells
you blatantly that its dying before it does erase itself
because the other disk died/dying, and so the good disk erases
itself too

c ya

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