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Re: Screensaver fails!

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 13:12, Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Dear friends:
> [Using Xandros 2.0/Debian]
> I have installed and uninstalled a number of programs -- all of them either 
> from XN (with only the two XN sources) or else by recompiling source tarballs 
> (all of which go into /usr/local -- which has no effect, I am told, on the 
> operation or stability of Xandros). For some strange reason, my screensavers 
> (both the KDE screensavers and the GLX rss-glx screensavers -- both from XN) 
> no longer work EXCEPT for "Euphoria GL" (which works fine). None of the other 
> screensavers work. I've tested them all (by clicking on the "test" button at 
> the bottom of the list). They all used to work perfectly well. Any idea what 
> could be wrong, and how I can reactivate them. Is it some file that I need to 
> configure? I tried to reinstall both "kscreensaver" and "rss-glx" in apt-get 
> with the --reinstall option. They reinstalled fine, but the screensavers 
> still don't work (except for Euphoria GL). There is nothing wrong with my 
> glx. I checked by typing "glxinfo" in the console.

  [ ... ]

Some weeks ago rss-glx crashed my machine (powerpc) after xscreensaver
started the stuff from rss-glx.
I.e. after some of the rss-glx screensavers had started I could not use
my keyboard anymore after some minutes: I had to press the powerbutton
to shut the machine down.

I didn't remove rss-glx, but simply removed the entries in .xscreensaver
for rss-glx.

regarding *running* rss-glx

EITHER ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Run /usr/bin/rss-glx_install.pl, which will look at your existing
~/.xscreensaver and add any missing entries. You probably want to back that
file up as the script is only lightly tested :)

OR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Manually add the following lines after the line that starts with "programs:"
in ~/.xscreensaver.

-- Cut Here --
  GL:                "Cyclone"  cyclone --root                              \n\
  GL:               "Euphoria"  euphoria --root                             \n\
  GL:             "Fieldlines"  fieldlines --root                           \n\
  GL:                 "Flocks"  flocks --root                               \n\
  GL:                   "Flux"  flux --root                                 \n\
  GL:                 "Helios"  helios --root                               \n\
  GL:                "Lattice"  lattice --root                              \n\
  GL:                 "Plasma"  plasma --root                               \n\
  GL:              "Skyrocket"  skyrocket --root                            \n\
  GL:             "Solarwinds"  solarwinds --root                           \n\
  GL:              "Colorfire"  colorfire --root                            \n\
  GL:           "Hufo's Smoke"  hufo_smoke --root                           \n\
  GL:          "Hufo's Tunnel"  hufo_tunnel --root                          \n\
  GL:             "Sundancer2"  sundancer2 --root                           \n\
  GL:                   "BioF"  biof --root                                 \n\
  GL:            "BusySpheres"  busyspheres --root                          \n\
  GL:            "SpirographX"  spirographx --root                          \n\
  GL:             "MatrixView"  matrixview --root                           \n\
-- End Here --

just a hint ...


Best Regards
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