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Re: Exporting running display ala Remote Desktop or VNC for windows

* Kai Grossjohann <kgrossjo@eu.uu.net> [2004-03-02 02:11]:
> Danie Roux <droux@tuks.co.za> writes:
> > I want to continue working on a running GNOME desktop in my office from
> > a remote location.
> Maybe it's sufficient to just run the applications you need?  Just
> ssh into your office (using the -X option if needed), and start
> running X11 programs.
> This is not as fancy, but it works quite well.  You do need X11 on
> the local machine, though.
Which even if you are -forced- to run one of the products from Redmond
is available for free via the Cygwin project.


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