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Re: mounting LVM volume by label

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 11:20:02PM -0500, Rob French wrote:
> How can I go about mounting an LVM logical volume by label? The volume
> has an ext3 filesystem on it labelled "BACKUP". The device configuration
> in /etc/fstab is "LABEL=BACKUP". When I call "findfs LABEL=BACKUP", it
> correctly returns /dev/vgsys1/backup0. However, "mount /mnt/backup"
> reports that it can't find an appropriately labeled filesystem. Any
> thoughts? Thanks!


Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your problem. I got hit by
similar problem, but with reiserfs volumes. I did not find an answer, so
I use LVM device names. But mounting ext3 volumes by label works for me.

Please describe a bit more your system (stable/unstable, kernel version,
mount/e2fsprogs versions, ...).


 Peter Samek

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