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Re: uninstall Debian Linux

On 2004-03-01, Douglas Pollard penned:
>     I tried to boot with disc #1 Red Hat Linux Fedora. The monitor
>     shows what looks like files being loaded but is not. The on screen
>     printing seems to stay the same although it looks to be scrolling.
>     I took the disc out and the same thing continued  30 min. or so. I
>     had to stop it by killing the power to the computer.  I have
>     Debian installed and was trying to install over top of it.
>     Do I have to remove Debian first and of course if so how??
>                                                                 Doug

No, you do not.

You would probably get better answers to these questions on a RH/Fedora
mailing list than on a debian one.


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