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Re: Howto customize GRUB during Debian installation

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 05:19:04PM -0500, Hamid wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to install Debian next to XP. After the first installation, 
> system froze at loading grub
> with a "Error loading grub" message.
> I used DOS "fdisk /mbr" to at least get back to XP and I realized that 
> Debian had completely changed the structure of partition table of the Hard 
> disk, I had 3 primary partitions and specifically asked Debian to add a 
> logical one using the unallocated space of 3rd primary partition but 
> Debian had added the fourth primary partition.
> Now my questions are:
> 1-How to avoid freezing again ?
> 2-How to customize Grub during installation so Windows can be added to the 
> list of available OSs ?


Very decent writeup about using Grub.  Works quite well.  Only thing to
recognize is that grub's files are under /usr/lib/grub (not
/usr/share...).  Your floppy formatting tools might be different too (I
think I used superformat).

I now keep a grub floppy (or 2  ;-) around in case Winblows bombs the


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