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Re: cdparanoia & a song in negative space

David T-G <davidtg-debian@justpickone.org> wrote:
DTG> ...and then i'll teach you to turn away. said...
DTG> %       yeah, ripping the whole cd just doesn't see the negative space
DTG> Strange indeed.  Like Jan, I'm interested in your results (my little
DTG> collection comes to about 4700 tracks from a few over 600 CDs, but unl
DTG> in my naughty days of 15k tracks, these are all legal :-)  Please at
DTG> least summarize here on debian-user.

	the only non-"legal" mp3s i keep are the tracks so rare i CAN'T 
buy the cd. if the RIAA wants on me for that, they'd better start 
reprinting long-recalled & limited edition discs.

	but i've been wondering: if you own a cassette, is it legal to 
download the tracks from it in mp3? is it the music, or the quality of the 
music/ease of playing it?

DTG> % (digitally - i can always record it to cassette & take that to .wav, 
DTG> Why would you go through a cassette instead of directly into your laptop
DTG> audio?(!??)

	well, because my laptop is a win98 machine i use maybe twice a 
year. but you're right, i could record it straight from cd into the box; 
i'm not sure why i thought the extra cassette step would be necessary. i 
suppose because that's how i did it the last time i recorded a track 
manually... which was in 1996.

	i'll keep everyone informed if i find a way.


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