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Re: postfix [was Re: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others]

Nano Nano wrote:

# postconf myorigin
myorigin = $myhostname
# postconf myhostname
myhostname = desk

OK. Some hosts will reject your host's HELO/EHLO, but the comcast thing was probably due to your MAIL FROM: address' domain not being in the Internet DNS.

Should I just change "mail name" during postfix debconf questions to "comcast.net" ??

I don't know, honestly, I always select 'No configuration' and configure it myself, so I don't know what effect the individual debconf answers have.

Mail will then appear to come from [accountname]@comcast.net or root@comcast.net which are not real emails.

I don't know about your setup. If you're just sending emails out with Postfix and not receiving any (from the Internet) and using a smarthost (aka relayhost with Postfix), you only need to make sure you use HELO/EHLO parameters that your relayhost will accept. The domain in your MAIL FROM: address should exist in the Internet DNS, otherwise many sites will reject your emails (or will waste resources when trying to send bounces to you). You should use your email address here.

It looks like I need to modify virtual(5) or canonical(5) but I cannot grok the examples from postfix-doc. aliases(5) seems to be okay; it's correctly delivering local root mail to my account.

I don't think you want to modify virtual. Canonical perhaps. Explain your setup and what you want to do and maybe we can help. You can also try the postfix-users mailing list.


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