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Re: Mobo with fan controls

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 01:50:53PM -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> s. keeling wrote:
> >Incoming from Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> >
> >>I am looking for a mobo that has controls on for all its fans so they 
> >>can be turned off or down when not needed, like the laptops do.
> >
> >
> >I have never understood you guys who want to do this with finesse.
> It's in the, what?, brain, soul, character?  I play with the box as with 
> Debian: I have now 8 Debian partitions on 2 HD's, varying from Sarge 
> without Backstreet Ruby to Sarge with Backstreet Ruby, kernel 2.4.22 AND 
> kernel 2.6.0, and now with Woody from the 7 CD's I downloaded. I am 
> after "perfect" control and the box has to be next to me because it's 
> dear to me (?), but it makes noise whether it needs to or not and that 
> ought not to be... ;-)
> Hugo
As posted earlier in this thread a good case is a must, also it all starts with 
good cooling.
Just make sure your case fans and HSF are rated for your amps of your motherboard.
Another thing is if your case fans come with mb hearders use them, otherwise when you
go to check your temps, fan speeds, in the bios you won't know speeds otherwise.

One of the most important is your cpu HSF you need one which is quite. If you follow
the hardware sites you notice which ones are quite, also remember the bigger the fan
the less noisy it is.  Most good 80 mm case fans are pretty quite, usually cpu HSF
are more loud then case fans. If you really feel that a knob will make things quite
then by all means go for it. I like to think that if your using a case fan with a knob
to make it quite, then why not get a bigger fan?

Another thing you could do is go to your local whitebox builder, and ask if you
could hear some of their case fans, HSF's in action.  That way you will know what
to expect, maybe they could give you some idea's to what has worked for them.


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