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Re: Mobo with fan controls

Incoming from Hugo Vanwoerkom:
> I am looking for a mobo that has controls on for all its fans so they 
> can be turned off or down when not needed, like the laptops do.

I have never understood you guys who want to do this with finesse.
Just brute force it!  Get a desk that has a big enough pedestal or
drawer that you can fit the system unit into (Ikea sold one for
C$50.00).  Soundproof that enclosure, run connector wires out the back
to your monitor, mouse, and keyboard, drill holes in the enclosure and
cover them with dust filter material.  Then just close the door on the
thing.  You won't even need the system unit cover on your box anymore.
Point noisy, high volume fans directly at hot spots.  Who cares how
much sound they make?  They're inside a sound proof enclosure!

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