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Re: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others

Adam Aube wrote:
My personal preference is qmail. Not sure if it's available in the Debian archive or not, but you can check out www.qmail.org for more info - look for the links to netqmail.

    Probably not given the nature of its license.

qmail, by default, will not relay AT ALL, and I have found it very easy to install and setup.

o.O I've had to work with QMail and I have to say that it is one big giant headache. It was last actively developed in a day and age when SMTP could be fairly open. To get any decent security requires that you need to patch in at least 6-7 different patches because the license forbids redistribution of modified source. Speaking of the source every single person I've ever heard look at it thinks it is atrociously written and hates working on it. Fo some reason I believe them because of the atrocious logging that it does as well as the idiotic ideas which are ingrained into the system. Compared to my work with Exim QMail is one big giant nightmare. In short, QMail is the Windows of MTAs. Sure, you can get it to work but doing so is more trouble than its worth and maintaining it is even worse.

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