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Re: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others

On Friday 30 January 2004 12:40 am, Steve Lamb wrote:
> > qmail, by default, will not relay AT ALL, and I have found it very
> > easy to install and setup.

>      o.O  I've had to work with QMail and I have to say that it is one
> big giant headache.

I disagree, but we are each entitled to our opinions.

> To get any decent security requires that you need to patch in at least
> 6-7 different patches because the license forbids redistribution of
> modified source. 

I've added patches for various purposes, but not for security. What 
security problems were you patching against?

> Speaking of the source every single person I've ever heard look at it
> thinks it is atrociously written and hates working on it.  Fo some
> reason I believe them because of the atrocious logging that it does as
> well as the idiotic ideas which are ingrained into the system.

What "idiotic" ideas? qmail is designed to be secure, fast, and simple - 
and it achieves those goals quite well.

It does show its age, though - many features common to other MTAs are 
missing and need to be patched in. That's the only real complaint I have 
about it, and it's only a hassle at installation time.

At the same time, qmail's flexibility (due to its modular design) has 
allowed me to do things I don't think I could do with other MTAs.

> In short, QMail is the Windows of MTAs.

No, I think Sendmail holds that title, and probably will for the 
forseeable future.


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