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UT2003/OpenGL/unstable Issues


I get the following error whenever i try to run Unreal Tournament 2003
on my Debian unstable system:

Could not load OpenGL library


Exiting due to error

Talk about verbose, my video card is an nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4400 and im
running a patched version of the latest drivers (fixed an AGP issue).

Some odd info:

	* WolfET runs fine as do other OpenGL apps.
	* I installed xlibmesa-dev before i installed the nVidia
	  drivers as i found doing otherwise stops wine from being
	  able to compile with OpenGL (and probably other apps to)
	* Running kernel 2.4.23 (homemade, not debian :P)

Any ideas on how i could get it running fella's?
rinmak <rinmak@technine.org>

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