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Re: lost dhcp on boot up

On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 11:23:06AM +1300, Edward Murrell wrote:
> Check your /var/log/messages file. The most likely error is that you
> didn't enable Socket Filtering in the networking options. You will need
> to recompile for this option to work.


| Socket filtering
|   The Linux Socket Filter is derived from the Berkeley Packet Filter.
|   If you say Y here, user-space programs can attach a filter to any
|   socket and thereby tell the kernel that it should allow or disallow
|   certain types of data to get through the socket.  Linux Socket
|   Filtering works on all socket types except TCP for now.  See the
|   text file <file:Documentation/networking/filter.txt> for more
|   information.


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