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Runaway X process

On my home workstation, I have an intermittent problem with X running
away. The machine is a 1GHz Athlon-C, 768MB RAM, GeForce4MX/64 MB. It has
been occurring for the past several months. Basically, what happens
(normally, after the screen blanks) is that the XFree86 process starts
eating 97-100% of the CPU. I'm running XFree86-4.2.1.

Initially, I thought it was due to either Gnome or GTK-2 apps, but I'm not
so sure now. I was running Evolution, and noticed that sometimes when I
clicked "Get Messages" X would die. So I dropped Evo in favor of Sylpheed,
but I still use Galeon. However, the problem has happened when Galeon is
not running as well. I'm using the nVidia-glx and nVidia-kernel drivers,
currently 4496, though the problem has persisted across two or more driver
revs, so I don't think the nVidia drivers are the problem.

Has anyone seen behavior like this before?

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