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Re: lost dhcp on boot up

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 05:49, Paul Schwartz wrote:
> I just made and installed my first kernel [2.4.18]! and booted too!
> One problem is that the network initialization that used to occur 
> [2.4.18-bf24] doesn't.
> The ether net card is recognized but my machine no longer does an 
> inquiry to the router to get an address.
> Where do I find the stimulus?
> Nother issue:  I thought I was compiling the ALSA driver into the 
> kernel, but dmesg says
> No ALSA driver installed
> Starting ALSA sound driver (version none): modprobe: Can't lodcate 
> module snd  failed
> On the other hand sound is now working for the first time.  Any idea 
> what happened?
> Thanks
> Paul Schwartz

Check your /var/log/messages file. The most likely error is that you
didn't enable Socket Filtering in the networking options. You will need
to recompile for this option to work.

The ALSA error is exactly what it says. Previously the ALSA driver was
searching for modules, now that it's compiled into the kernel, there are
no modules.

I would suggest getting a copy of the 2.4.23 kernel, since it contains a
bunch of fixes, without any major differences in the way it's laid out.


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