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Re: Re: lost dhcp on boot up

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 09:11:39PM -0700, Paul Schwartz wrote:
> >Try dhclient(8) manually from the command line.  If that doesn't work,
> >try spying on the connection using tcpdump(8).  Punch your firewall
> >properly.  That's what I'd do.  And please post the useful bits verbatim
> >(e.g. that interfaces entry--who says it's not malformed?).
> >
> >The error messages are dmesg(8), ip(8)/ifconfig(8), tcpdump(8).
> >
> I tried executing dhclient; it just returns a prompt.  This is what 
> tcpdump collects from eth0 when I execute dhclient

Great!  Now we know there is no DHCP traffic going out your box.  Only
some 802.1d bridge stuff. Bingo.

The configs look fine.

> I'll be glad to to try other suggestions.

Go through the thread, and apply the suggestions already made :-)

% ifconfig a
% ip l
% ip a
% ip r

And: what was the dhclient's commandline?  (Read: Was it correct?)  And
tcpdump's.  Post _with_ invocations. So again:

# dhclient -d eth0
# tcpdump -i eth0

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