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Re: woody: devpts, pppd, and kernel-2.6: failed connection to /dev/pts/0

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 19:39, Jan Minar wrote:

> pppd printing out those ``ppp0 <-> /dev/foo'' lines doesn't mean
> /dev/foo is OK.  It happily printed these when running over a serial
> port, wile it wasn't able to establish a connection. 

Interesting.  Though in my case (debug option on) it prints lots of
"sent" and "rcvd" lines if it works, and only 1 "sent" and "no rcvd" if
it doesn't. Not enough to know what's wrong but enough to tell there is
something :)

> Trace what pppd writes/reads -- use the pppd's `pty' option.

Thanks, will look into that

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