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Re: woody: devpts, pppd, and kernel-2.6: failed connection to /dev/pts/0

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 17:19, Paul Morgan wrote:

> If you google on the error message, a lot of potentially useful links
> appear.  Might be worth doing some research that way.

Unfortunately, no. Thanks for trying, though :). I've googled for hours
to no avail. Problem is (see also my post in this thread a couple of
minutes ago):

My old trusty 2.4	w/o devpts	works
Adrian Bunk's 2.4 image	w/  devpts	works

backports.org's 2.6	w/  devpts 	doesn't work
Selfcompiled 2.6 	w/o devpts	doesn't work

(btw, I don't use devfs)

This is 100% reproducible for me, and there is no reference to a problem
with ppp/pppoe + kernel 2.6 on Google that I can find, and on
kerneltrap.org and lkml there's nothing either

And in addition:
Since trying out 2.6 my mouse stopped working with my own 2.4, although
it works with 2.6 and _also with Bunk's 2.4 image. Here I have
absolutely no idea		

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