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Re: woody: devpts, pppd, and kernel-2.6: failed connection to /dev/pts/0

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 18:13, Jan Minar wrote:

> Notice there is no info that could actually be used to figure out what
> went wrong.

That's a correct observation. This is because there is no more info in
the logs. I did post what info there is. If I had that info, I would
have figured it out and corrected it by yesterday on my own - I'm not a
newbie. As it stands, the kernel boots ok but does not manage to open a
pty. I hoped that someone could point me to things like
* This is a known prob in 2.6 or
* 2.6 needs a newer version of ppp or
* Check this or that or 
* Works for me

Thanks anyway

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