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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2003 #4093

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Paul Morgan wrote:

You don't say what version you are using.  The "open link in browser"
stuff doesn't work in 0.3. It apparently does in 0.4, but still requires
some setup.

It took me like 30 seconds to find this in the Thunderbird release notes:


Mine started working after the apt-get upgrade to 0.4.  No additional
setup required.

Thanks. Upgrading to 0.4 solved the problem. No adiional configuration was necessary, as long as I want Firebird as my default browser, which is fine with me.

I was unable to find it in the release notes that installed with Thunderbird because I had version 0.3, which would not say how to make it work using 0.4, and also did not display its release notes since that would require that it fire up a browser, which was the problem I was asking about.


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