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Re: Wish to network my home computers but don't know Jack about it

Ken Irving wrote:

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 02:45:19PM -0600, Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
should look at broadband sharing, too, even though I won't use it yet?

Broadband and dial-up differ in speed and the details, but make no difference
in how your local network is set up.

It can make a difference conceptually. Usually in dial-up, the outside network is fed to one of the clients (functioning as the dial-up server), and is then fed from there to a hub/switch/router and from there to the other machines. Usually with broadband, the outside network is fed directly into the hub/switch/router, and is easier to set up since the firewall/router is "conceptually" an appliance (as opposed to the dial-up method wherein the firewall/router is "conceptually" a complicated beast composed of a workstation and a LAN client and a dial-up machine and a dial-up server and a router and a firewall and a dhcp server).

I'm starting to feel as if I've not done sufficient googling.

I'd highly recommend killing a tree and getting a decent book on the basics of networking...
Which has the added benefit of keeping a tree farmer in business. If the tree farmer can't sell his crop, he might as well plow it under and put in a shopping mall. :-) (I'm against deforestation in general, but have no problems with properly managed (replanting/tending) tree farms/forests.)


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