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Re: Next On The Checklist - VNC

On 14 Dec 2003 at 11:28, Deryk Barker wrote:

> Thus spake Scarletdown (gsutton9503@charter.net):
> You need to run vncserver as that user.
> > 
> > 2:  The VNC session always gives me the KDE desktop.  However, I would 
> > like to run other desktops as well (GNOME in particular).  Is there any 
> > way to state which Window Manager gets used each VNC session?
> Checkout the xstartup script in the .vnc directory
> > 
> > 3:  My VNC desktop always comes up at 640x480.  How do I get it to come 
> > up at a higher resolution?  When logged into an X-Session directly at the 
> > console, I have 800x600 as my resolution, and my Windows system is set 
> > for 1024x768.
> vncserver -geometry 1024x768

Okay now.  So far, I've managed to finally get a non-root KDE desktop set 
to 800x600 - 32 Bit depth.  I did indeed have to log in as a normal user 
and then start the vncserver with

vncserver geometry 800x600 depth 32

So I am making some headway on this project.  Now, here is what I am 
ultimately shooting for.

1:  Have vncserver load automatically at boot time with the above 
parameters.  (800x600 is plenty suitable for my needs here) I do not want 
to have to ssh in to the system first to start the server

2:  When I run my vnc client to access the vnc server, be presented with 
the greeter, so that I can log in as any user and select any installed 
window manager (GNOME, KDE, or Enlightenment)

3:  When I close out my window manager, I want to be taken back to the 
greeter, so that I can either log in as another user, or shut down the 

4:  And while I am at it, I want to be able to have sound capabilities 
for non-root users.  Right now, only root can have sound.

Also, where is the .vnc directory located?  I can't seem to locate it, 
even though I'm pretty sure it is there somewhere.

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