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Re: Trying to boot after Debian installer ran

On 14. December 2003 at 4:16PM -0600,
"Damon L. Chesser" <dchesser4@cox.net> wrote:

[snipped: grub menu entries, etc]

> Given the above, how can I get Debian to boot?  cd into the
> Debain / (while running Libranet) and run lilo?  Modify in some
> unknown to me way the above grub entry?

Grub and lilo are two different ways of booting.  In general you
either run grub or run lilo.  (There are ways to make the two
coexist peacefully, but that's another matter.)  I'm a bit
confused why you'd mention in the same paragraph running lilo and
then modifying your grub menu.  What are you running as boot

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